Cystic Fibrosis campaigner Jillian McNulty is recovering from a kidney transplant

Kidney transplant gifts ‘new lease of life’ to grateful Jillian

New possibilities for Longford’s Jillian McNulty

Longford Library: Mary Carleton Reynolds

County Librarian reflects on 30 years in her dream job

Building the Arts scene in Longford through the library It has often been said that the library is the last remaining institution of society where you leave class, politics, religion, everything at the door. Age, gender, race, money do not place you above or below anyone. Once you step through those doors, you are equal… Read more »

Humanitarian aid in a horsebox

Humanitarian aid in a horse box

Hungry Horse Outside workers embark on 2,695km journey

domestic abuse

Covid prompts more women to seek support for domestic violence

Epidemic meets Pandemic: Significant increase in domestic abuse during Covid-19

The Galway woman who survived Hiroshima

As the world remembers Hiroshima, one man remembers a Galway survivor

Children of Chernobyl

Chernobyl: Getting the children out

Galway families welcome Chernobyl’s children to their homes